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Two modern technologies of CSS/JS animation and HTML5 video allow designers to add awesome motion effects to their web designs, common examples being large background videos or web elements that move into place.

This is a demonstration of Star Wars-style scrolling 3D titles using only CSS3. It possibly has no practical purpose whatsoever but it looks great and you can impress your visitor friends.

So how does it work? Well, it's fairly simple. We have an outer absolute DIV (#titles) which is rotated along the X-axis using perspective to give the impression of depth. The same DIV also has an :after psuedo-element which applies a linear gradient so the text appears to fade out.

Inside, we have another absolutely-positioned DIV which contains the text (#titlecontent). The top is set to 100% to ensure it starts off-screen then uses CSS3 animation to move it upward over time. No JavaScript is required.

You will probably need to adjust the movement amount and timing depending on the quantity of text you want to show. The 3D depth can also be tweaked in the #titles declaration.

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samskinner.net and torquetorque.net turning page's Icons and/or Patterns into part of User Interface. Pretty cool, huh?
Jamie Wolfond another great interactive animated background site you should visit.
Letters, Inc. using Linework only designs. Sometimes designers tend to get color happy and forget how beautiful simple lines can be.
uber.design Add animation to the mix and Blow up your pattern and zoom all the way in, an intersting mix let viewer appreciate the entire pattern...
Cyril Conton Grapgics Scientific Interactive web designs especially on Pixel perfect Didactic representation, from anatomy to quantum physics...
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BCdesign.cn A stunning Digital brand Visual Creativity web design that you chould check it out.
HAPPY 2019 CHALLENGE It's process to define your goal for 2019. It uses many webGL & 3D contents. This is my personal experimental work... by SRETKS (Japan).
NY Tree Under Construction by Actis Wunderman (Russia). Feel an architect and turn your aspirations into reality with this greeting card made for architect bureau. Build from blocks, while the crane moves from side to side.
yo:HA by VerzDesign (Singapore). As the largest hostel management provider in Singapore, yo:HA manages premier living environments for local and foreign students and working professionals.
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